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What are the pros and cons of concrete block versus wood .

CONCRETE BLOCK. Pros. More termite resistant - Termites don’t eat concrete, so the block wall itself is immune to damage, but the wood furring strips running up the interior of the wall as nailers for drywall and the wood baseboard at the floor are fair game for termites to start working their way up the wall. The foundation type of older .

Advantages and Disadvantages of Block board uses, application .

You Should Know Advantages and Disadvantages of Block board and Its Uses Block board is a man-made product similar to plywood, which has core made from strips of softwood. Block board are made from solid blocks of wood and then sandwiched within the layers of wood veneer by using various types of chemicals and glued together under high pressure.

The Pros and Cons of Wood Foundations | DoItYourself.com

Wood foundations save material costs for new home construction, however there are cons to selecting wood for the foundation too. Since it is such an important component of the structure, carefully consider whether wood is the right choice for you or whether the traditional concrete is a better option.

Did you Know the Disadvantages of Interlocking Paver Block?

Block paving is the best option for your patio, driveway, pathway, but before installing any types of paver, you will need to know about advantages and disadvantages of interlocking paver block. Here we discuss some disadvantages of interlocking paver block.

Butcher Block Countertops: Pros & Cons | BuildDirectLearning .

One of the latest interior design trends to start popping up in homes across the country is a butcher block countertop. These countertops are typically made from pieces of wood cut straight and bonded together to create one solid piece. While the beauty of butcher block countertops is undeniable, they still have their advantages and disadvantages.

Wood vs. Brick Homes: What You Need to Know | neighborhoods.com

Wood homes must be continually monitored for damage and rot, and regular maintenance—such as periodic scraping and painting—is a must. Because of this, wood will generally need to be repaired and/or replaced more often. Now, let’s talk about wood’s archenemy: water. Wood is prone to water damage, which increases the chances of mold growth.

Why you shouldn't level your RV on wood or concrete blocks .

The downside to wood leveling blocks. You may have spent years perfecting the art of crafting the ideal wood leveling block. You may even have it down to a science. But no matter how perfect your craftsmanship is, wood inherently has a number of weaknesses: 1) Bugs and rotting. Wood often carries bugs, including wood-eating ones like termites.

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